Hi! I’m Andreas Kling, a lifelong programming enthusiast and aspiring generalist. I’m currently working on Serenity, a from-scratch operating system that tries to make Unix fun again.

I’ve been writing C++ for many years at companies both big and small. There’s a pretty good chance you’re reading this in a browser that’s slightly faster because of me. ;)


I regularly upload screencasts of me working on Serenity to my YouTube channel. I’m also doing a series of informal “commute talks” in the car where I discuss random programming topics or tell (hopefully) interesting stories about jobs I’ve had.

There’s no flashy editing or jumpcuts, it’s all raw footage minus the occasional extremely loud sneeze or cough.

Donations / support

I’ve started accepting monthly donations via Patreon since many people were interested in funding my work on Serenity. It’s amazing that people are willing to support such a crazy project, and it’s making me wonder just how far we can take this. Check it out here!

I also accept one-time donations via Paypal since some people have expressed skepticism about Patreon.

Contact me

You can usually find me as kling in #serenityos on the Freenode IRC network.

I’m also available via e-mail, although I get a lot of it, so I appreciate short and to-the-point messages :) awesomekling@gmail.com